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Documents useful to the buyer

The technical diagnostic file, provided by the seller, must inform the buyer of certain characteristics of the property sold. This file is presented to the buyer as soon as the sales agreement is signed and, failing that, at the deed of sale.

The energy performance diagnosis (DPE) is valid for 10 years. It evaluates the energy consumed by the dwelling (insulation, heating, hot water, air conditioning, etc.).
The parasite status, valid for 6 months, informs about the presence of termites if the accommodation is located in a risk zone.
The statement of natural, mining and technological risks (risks of flooding, seismic, industrial, chemical, etc.) is valid for 6 months. It must be provided if the property is located in an area covered by a natural, mining or technological risk prevention plan, or in a seismic area.
The lead exposure risk report is issued for dwellings built before 1949. It is valid for one year in the event of the presence of lead and otherwise, its validity is unlimited.
The state relating to the presence of asbestos is mandatory for goods built before July 1, 1997. Its validity is unlimited.
The diagnosis of gas and electricity installations over 15 years old must be carried out and is valid for 3 years.
The non-collective sanitation installation requires providing a certificate of compliance and proper functioning of less than 3 years.
The measurement of the area in “Carrez law” must be carried out for the sale of an apartment.
All these documents will have to be provided to the notary when selling your apartment or house.
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