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Sell real estate

Have you decided to sell your house, apartment or property you own? Here is some information and advice to sell your property in the best conditions.

> To sell as quickly as possible and at the best price, entrust us with the sale of your property.

What is the value of your property?

The real estate market is constantly changing and prices per m² vary from one city to another but also according to the type of property, the district, the quality of the property... To obtain a real estimate of the value of your apartment or your house, it is important to call on a real estate professional. Selling at market price will allow you to sell your property faster.
> Obtain an estimate of the value of my property

Take care of the presentation of your accommodation for photos and visits. The photos taken by the real estate agent will encourage the future buyer to want to visit your property. Tidy, clean and bright rooms will enhance your property and make it attractive to potential buyers. It is important to stand out from the competition. In the same way, on visiting days, be sure to tidy up and clean your apartment or house. Do not hesitate to repair a leaky faucet, replace a light bulb that no longer works or throw away faded flowers. To bring your property up to date without carrying out major work, you can apply the techniques of home-staging.

Real estate diagnoses

Real estate diagnoses inform the prospective buyer about certain aspects of the home he wishes to buy. For the sale of your property, you must therefore compile a technical diagnostic file (DDT). Depending on the seniority, the situation or the type of accommodation, you may have to have the following diagnoses carried out:

Energy performance diagnosis (DPE)
Lead exposure risk contract
asbestos condition
Parasitic state relating to termites
State of the internal gas installation
State of the interior electrical installation
State of the non-collective sanitation installation
State of natural and technological risks